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There is a temporary or permanent solution for every industry. We are happy to help you find the right solution.

Renting lockers made easy

Locker Company is all about ease of use. For the users, but certainly also for you as a renter. That’s why we make offering lockers as easy as possible. From the preparation to the handling of the rental.

Thanks to our PIN code lockers in combination with, you can make considerable savings on the use of staff and you have no hassle with, for example, issuing keys, losing keys and asking for a deposit. Turn full rental into simple self-service via Fast, effective and very efficient.

Locker Company thinks along with you, so you can focus on your core business. In addition, our development never stands still. We guarantee our continuity and reliability with our permanent service team and our growing stock of quality lockers.

Our different locker solutions

Key lockers

Key lockers are easy to use. The user pays the rent or deposit at the time of key issuance and simply closes the locker with the key.

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Pincode lockers

The user opens the locker with their own PIN code. So no locker key is needed. These lockers can be rented completely online and cashless through our portal

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Coin lockers

A quick self-service solution. The user puts coins in the locker and locks the locker with the key.

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How does locker rental work?

Renting lockers is very easy at Locker Company. We make it as easy as possible for you, no matter what type of locker you choose.

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Book your locker solution

Get a quotation based on the solution that is most suitable for you. Is everything to your liking? Then you can easily confirm this digitally.

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We install on location

Our in-house locker crew always installs your lockers ready to use on location. Transport and working hours are coordinated in advance

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Rent your lockers with our service

With your locker rental, you can rely on our service and experience. We are there for you with our online service, our experienced service crew and tips & tricks.

Installing lockers

Discover how easy it is to install lockers!
Our professional team ensures a seamless installation,
where we carefully determine the location and layout for maximum efficiency.
From preparing the space to assembling the lockers.

What our customers think of us

"Locker Company is a company that is always ready and happy to think with you for a suitable solution to any challenge. If you are looking for personalized service and quality lockers, this is the place to be!"

Quirijn ter Beek Co-owner, Apex Productions

"Locker Company is a flexible and reliable supplier, we are happy with it!"

Guus Peeters Facility Manager, Nunner Logistics

"We choose Locker Company as our partner for lockers because of their flexibility, service orientation, knowledge and experience. Not only in the Netherlands but also abroad, Locker Company is a pleasant and reliable party that we can rely on and enjoy working with."

Koen ter Holter Projectmanager International, ALDA Live

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