Buy or rent lockers?

Are you looking for lockers and in doubt between buying and renting? Do you opt for standard lockers or customization? Our extensive range with many options does not always make choosing easier.

We are happy to give you sound advice about the options and their advantages and disadvantages. From our expertise, we put together your ideal needs and requirements. When we have the ideal locker in view, we will prepare an offer that suits your needs. It is even possible to have your own unique lockers assembled and produced by us.

Before you choose to buy or rent, it is important to determine how you want to use your lockers. It is therefore essential to know what is possible for both locker solutions and their service and management. We would be happy to come to you to take stock of the possibilities and provide appropriate advice. You will receive a no-obligation proposal from us for your ideal locker solution.

Lockers for rent at Locker Company

for you as a client, honor our agreements and ensure that you can always count on the personal service of Locker Company. We also like to give the user the certainty that there are sufficient safe lockers available.

We are a full service rental company offering various solutions to rent out lockers. Our service is characterized by personal contact, an experienced and driven team, our own transport facilities and a large stock of lockers.

How and which lockers you want to rent is up to you. We are happy to give you advice based on our experience and expertise. We have listed all the rental options in our quotation form. Here you get a clear explanation about the lockers and all options. Of course you can always contact us.

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Our locker cabinets

Key lockers

Key lockers are easy to use. The user pays the rent or deposit at the time of key issuance and simply closes the locker with the key.

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Pincode lockers

The user opens the locker with their own PIN code. So no locker key is needed. These lockers can be rented completely online and cashless through our portal

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Coin lockers

A quick self-service solution. The user puts coins in the locker and locks the locker with the key.

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What our customers say about us

"Locker Company is a company that is always ready and happy to think with you for a suitable solution to any challenge. If you are looking for personalized service and quality lockers, this is the place to be!"

Quirijn ter Beek Co-owner, Apex Productions

"Locker Company is a flexible and reliable supplier, we are happy with it!"

Guus Peeters Facility Manager, Nunner Logistics

"We choose Locker Company as our partner for lockers because of their flexibility, service orientation, knowledge and experience. Not only in the Netherlands but also abroad, Locker Company is a pleasant and reliable party that we can rely on and enjoy working with."

Koen ter Holter Projectmanager International, ALDA Live

In 3 steps from reservation to rental

Stap 1

Book your locker solution

Get a quotation based on the solution that is most suitable for you. Is everything to your liking? Then you can easily confirm this digitally.

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We install on location

Our in-house locker crew always installs your lockers ready to use on location. Transport and working hours are coordinated in advance

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Rent your lockers with our service

With your locker rental, you can rely on our service and experience. We are there for you with our online service, our experienced service crew and tips & tricks.

Pin code locker rentals with is Locker Company’s online platform for renting out PIN code lockers. The platform has been specially developed to take a lot of work out of your hands and to make it as easy as possible for the user.

You can rent out your lockers in advance via your website and social media. We take care of this for you. All you have to do is share the links to your account on

Thanks to the online presales, you get perfect insight into the use of your lockers and you can adjust the number of lockers available. The proceeds of the rental via will be in your account within 5 days after an event.

After renting the locker in advance, the user receives the locker number and pin code before the start of the event. Thus, the locker is immediately available for use on location. When a user wants to rent a locker on location, it can be done easily and quickly by scanning the QR code that hangs at the lockers.

PIN code lockers can be used for multiple purposes both with and without The biggest advantage of pin code lockers is that you no longer need to use keys or cash for rental. The lockers are suitable for rental, but also for (free) use by employees.

Our PIN code lockers have smart locks that can be programmed in various ways. Each locker has a unique pin code for that specific moment of use. If you use, the pin code is automatically sent to the user along with the locker number.

If you want to rent out lockers multiple times, get advice on the possibilities.

We have experienced that PIN code lockers are ideal in almost any situation. That’s why we continue to innovate the uses of these lockers with input we receive daily from the field.

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Discover the possibilities

All our solutions and options are listed for you in our quotation form. Using short descriptions, quickly make your choice. Choose what you want, skip what you don’t need and simply request a quote.

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