Custom Lockers

We produce lockers that fit your needs. We put these together based on your wishes and requirements. Our experts will gladly advise you in making the right choice.

With our innovative locker systems, we relieve you of all concerns regarding the use or rental of lockers. With our PIN code lockers, we provide your own online booking system with direct digital payment transactions, including support. This makes the rental of lockers easy to arrange and monitor.

Do you prefer key lockers or coin lockers? Even then we have the right lockers for you.

Are you as an institution or (semi) government looking for a party for your tender? Locker Company will gladly accept your tender with all the requirements, wishes and conditions. We will process these into a customized quotation.

Which lockers do you choose?

Key lockers

Key lockers are easy to use. The user pays the rent or deposit at the time of key issuance and simply closes the locker with the key.

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Pincode lockers

The user opens the locker with their own PIN code. So no locker key is needed. These lockers can be rented completely online and cashless through our portal

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Coin lockers

A quick self-service solution. The user puts coins in the locker and locks the locker with the key.

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