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Our lockers are a solution when you are looking for secure storage space for personal belongings of staff, visitors or students. Each locker is unmanned, secure and personal, and users can store and leave valuables without worry. It is also possible to charge laptops and smartphones in our lockers. Please inquire about the possibilities.

We think in solutions. Our lockers are used in many industries and at various locations. We have several systems and services in house, with which we can always offer a suitable solution that meets your needs. If there is no suitable solution, we will produce one especially for you. So we can offer you (almost) any locker solution.

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De ervaringen met Locker Company

"Locker Company is a company that is always ready and happy to think with you for a suitable solution to any challenge. If you are looking for personalized service and quality lockers, this is the place to be!"

Quirijn ter Beek Co-owner, Apex Productions

"Locker Company is a flexible and reliable supplier, we are happy with it!"

Guus Peeters Facility Manager, Nunner Logistics

"We choose Locker Company as our partner for lockers because of their flexibility, service orientation, knowledge and experience. Not only in the Netherlands but also abroad, Locker Company is a pleasant and reliable party that we can rely on and enjoy working with."

Koen ter Holter Projectmanager International, ALDA Live

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